Reasons to Use KinderGate Parental Control

Unlike most of Parental Control solutions, KinderGate cannot be disabled unless a special password, set by a system administrator, is entered.
KinderGate can be used along with any antivirus solutions, including freeware such as Microsoft Security Essentials.
Unlike other similar solutions, KinderGate has a vast URL database with 500 million websites that is updated on a daily basis.
KinderGate can be set up to block access to online dating sites that often feature more dangers for kids than just adult content.
KinderGate has the additional protection against unfriendly Internet influence that is provided by means of morphological analysis of web resources.
KinderGate Parental Control is widely used in thousands of schools and households to keep children protected online.
KinderGate blocks websites that contain malware as well as anonymizer sites that can be used to bypass filtering capabilities of other parental control solutions.
With KinderGate you can deny downloading of dangerous files by choosing certain type of unwanted content (EXE, DOC, MP3, AVI, etc.).
Providing the best web protection, the product’s price of 19 USD/year makes KinderGate Parental Control affordable for everyone.